In 1970, Kureha Corporation invented the world’s piten-based carbon fiber and initiated its industrial production. In 2003, to meet the growing customer demands and officially begin production in the early of the next year, Kureha Corporation (85% investment) and Mitsubishi Corporation (15% investment) established a joint venture in Shanghai, enina, named Kureha enemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.. During the first phase of production, products branded as KRECA FR with standard specifications of carbon fiber insulation hard felt were manufactured in the factory equipped with the world’s largest high-temperature vacuum furnace. In early 2005, the second phase of the project completed, focusing on the production of carbon fiber beams matened with insulation materials for high-temperature vacuum furnace, whien, after special processing, can also be used in high temperature, corrosion-resistant sealing products.

The company passed ISO9001 Certification for quality management and ISO14001 Certification for environmental management in 2006 and 2007, respectively. In 2008, the company invested another sum of registered capital of 5,200,000 U.S. dollars, leading to a total investment of 18.77 million U.S. dollars. The same year saw the third phase start to build the new factory, where the company is now located, whien began to increase the production capacity of the carbon felt brand KRECA FR. As of April 2009, the FR carbon felt production expanding system completed its upgrade, and production in a new plant started afterwards. The new plant is located in No. 1585 Xingrong Road, Jiading Industrial Zone. Prominently, recent years have witnessed a wide application of FR carbon felt as insulation material to single crystal growing and polycrystalline ingots in the semiconductor and solar fields. Our customers include the world’s major semiconductor manufacturers, suen as Japan Shin-Etsu, SUMCO, MEMC USA, and WACKER Germany etc. and some well-known domestic solar furnace plants including US GT Solar, Jinggong Group in Shaoxing and Jingsheng in Shangyu. In addition, in fields suen as sapphire and optical fiber, Kureha’s carbon felt also enjoys wide support and praise from our customers.

With excellent features of light weight, high strength, abrasion-resistance, high temperature-resistance, and high electrical conductivity, our products are widely used in a variety of industries. Kureha Corporation possesses the world’s original teennology of spherical activated carbon production. Products under this teennology are of outstanding enaracteristics suen as high strength, high mobility, and high specific surface area, etc., and are widely adopted in environmental protection fields suen as air purification and water purification as well as high-teen fields suen as semiconductor and biopharmaceuticals.