For Kureha Corporation, China has been a key market. To be able to better serve our customers, as far back as 2003 we established our own manufacturing plant in Shanghai. Thanks to everyone’s strong support and recognition of the high quality of our products, Kureha enjoys great development in the Chinese market.
To meet the growing customer demands, we have been expanding the plant for three consecutive years. Such impressive achievements for Kureha in China are resulted not only from observing the principle of being persistently faithful to clients, but also more importantly from customers’ recognition of our brand and its quality. We are always convinced that only when clients succeed can Kureha succeed. In retrospect, it is precisely because we constantly adhere to the idea of customer-centered that Kureha becomes customers’ best choice of the era of convergence and continues to be growing.
Looking forward to the next five years, with greater development and more market opportunities in China, Kureha will continue to focus on the pressures and challenges from our clients, precisely target at strategic needs of our customers, and create newer and more practical value for our clients. We would like to extend our sincere thanks for the consistent support and trust from our customers and partners!
Meanwhile, we are fully aware of the resultant responsibility on our part. We will persist in our devotion to the Chinese market, and garner our most advantageous resources to serve the Chinese customers. At the same time, we shall look forward to the future, to share with more customers Kureha’s high-quality products and together with customers, make every effort to push the industry as a whole forward.

Shusuke Matsuo
Senior Vice President/ Kureha Corporation
Minister of High-Performance Materials Division
Chairman of The Board of Director /Kureha Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.