As a pioneer in carbon fiber-made insulation materials, Kureha is the first company in the world that has realized volume production of insulation materials using carbon fiber. In the past forty years, Kureha has cultivated a strong customer loyalty around the globe, and accumulated a wealth of experience as well as carbon fiber manufacturing technology. With an attempt to contribute our technology and experience to customers in China, in 2003 we set up the Shanghai Kureha. So far, Kureha is the only one key overseas manufacturer of insulation materials that has realized its localization of production in China. Through further improvement, equipped with the greatest capacity of carbon felt production globally, the Kureha Group has established production and sales outlets in China, Japan and USA, and sales outlets in Germany. In order to achieve one-stop production from soft felt and steel plate to cylinder, and from filament to staple, we are making greater efforts in increasing production capacity. Therefore, we hope that, in future, the high quality Kureha KRECA carbon felt FR® as well as complete product line can lend a strong hand to the development of your company!

Shigeki Iwamoto
Managing Director/ Kureha Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

1 High quality, premium service, regardless of customer size;
2 Providing high quality to meet customer requirements;
3 Devoted to costs reduction, maintaining the right price;
4 Dealing with customer orders in a fast and accurate manner;
5 Creating opportunities to increase profits for our customers;
6 Consolidating profits, and attempting new ideas;
7 Continuous development, and orderly innovation;
8 Introducing new equipment, integrating new facilities, and bringing new products to the market.